Whose idea was this?      Light in the Fast Lane Take II
  • on September 30, 2020 -
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Whose idea was this? Light in the Fast Lane Take II

The Photography Show and The Video Show Virtual Festival 2020

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking… somehow I ended up being interviewed for the (virtual) Photography and Video Show 2020. Yea – would much rather be posting pictures of motors than myself. So – feast your eyes on a 1955 Mercedes SLR 722 rather than my mug – ah, much better.

1955 Mercedes SLR 722 Lightpainting at FoS 2015

My chat called ‘Light in the Fast Lane’ has a bit to do with the technique used here to create the FoS 2015 light painting. For more about that check out my original blog ‘Light In The Fast Lane’ here.
I managed to rope in a very good friend of mine, and superb public speaker – all kudos Toby Moody, TV presenter and Motorsport commentator extraordinaire, and it turned out to be a right laugh!

Popcorn at the ready – here’s the film…

Thanks to the folks over at this year’s The Photography & Video Show for including me in this year’s line-up. I think it’s safe to say it was a completely unique experience for us all!
Right…enough about me – let gets some more images in here, shall we?

Shelby Cobra Light-painting Goodwood Revival 2015
Petrolheads Unite!

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