Numbers Never Looked This Good

Numbers Never Looked This Good

You must have been living on a desert island if you haven’t seen at least one of the new Mitsubishi PHEV ads from the latest ‘Numbers Never Looked This Good’ campaign! The campaign has been running for the past couple of weeks on TV & in the press, online and digital boards in cities all over the UK – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff etc…

London Digital board Euston Road

London Euston Road Digital board – sorry for holding up the traffic!

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was the world’s first 4WD Plug-in Hybrid SUV & this 2016 campaign was inspired by the creative approach for the original launch in 2014.  Check out the 2014 blog on that shoot here

For this project we shot the car angles for each execution in the studio, lighting the various elements to give maximum flexibility with the CG lighting of the backplates to be created by Smoke & Mirrors, London. The background POVs were then matched to the studio car shots for height, angle etc..

Behind The Scenes in the studio Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander

Behind The Scenes in the studio – lying down on the job again…

When the backgrounds were completed, we then composited in the studio cars, creating reflections in the paintwork, shadows beneath the car to bed the cars into the fantasy scene, and gave a final grade. The details in the background are great – numbers formed by clouds, impressed into the road surface & illuminated buildings in cityscapes.

Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander

 ‘Numbers never Looked So Good’ – single page press execution

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

‘Numbers never Looked So Good’ – website execution

If you haven’t seen the TVC directed by Brett Foraker – catch it here…

Look out for the suite of images from the shoot in the press, on digi boards, billboards and online – if you spot any when you are out & about, ping us over a snap!

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