Jack Bauer’s Dream in My Sights

Jack Bauer’s Dream in My Sights

You’ll know already that we’ve done a lot of work with Mitsubishi. This time, we were asked to bring our skills to the new Outlander PHEV.
Now, as professional as I am, with the new season of 24 and Jack Bauer being back on our screens I really couldn’t help thinking this was his dream.
You’ve all watched the US dramas, there’s been an out pouring of talent from the states for a while and we’ve all been hooked on at least one series- unless you haven’t got a telly!
Whether you’re a fan of True Blood, The Following, House of Cards or 24 you’ll have heard the acronym SUV.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV press ad in Top Gear and CAR magazine this week

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV press ads in Top Gear and CAR magazine this week

You’ll have heard it a lot. What is it? THIS is it.

This new Mitsubishi PHEV is an SUV in a nutshell, 4 wheel drive, smart, eco-friendly but still capable of storing an armoury in the boot and a host of CIA gadgets on the dash. Probably not something Jack would worry about but it’s even low on tax.
I’m not selling you the PHEV, just letting you in on the car chases that ran through my mind when setting up the shots for this little beast. One of my favourite parts of shooting cars, with camera rigs and all the equipment, is the challenge of making them look as if they’re moving in a single shot.
I’ve done it for many and experimented with many angles, portable rigs, even pulley systems just to put the stationary car in action. It’s a skill I’m proud to boast about but one I always try to improve on.
With the Mitsu PHEV, it wasn’t a case of showing it speeding through the welsh hills, zipping round a race track or doing its 4 wheel drive thing over a mountain, we needed to capture a bit more.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV press ad

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV press ad

The spec? It’s green, it’s quiet, it’s smooth, it’s friendly but still capable of packing a punch. The motion? Stationary.
This is a car that isn’t on a journey, it’s not learning, it’s already found the answers and it’s arrived at its destination ready to receive the applause for its innovation and potential to change the SUV world.
It probably will too, or it will at least have British people referring to 4 wheel drives as SUVs.
In case you need to know – it stands for Sports Utility Vehicle but don’t worry, I’ve never seen Jack Bauer wearing lycra driving one… you, however can wear what you like…!

Running alongside the stills is the TVC on your screens now check it out below!

And here is the link to the BTS of the PHEV studio shoot

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