“Lenses are for storytelling  not photocopying…”

“Lenses are for storytelling not photocopying…”

A combination of people, vehicles and landscapes – how’s that for a brief?
Heroes and unknowns. Stories and emotions. Passions and personalities.
This collection shows the connection between people, places, machines and man (or woman!).
I like to use the lens to tell a story and bring out the humanity in a subject, portraying life and experience.

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India in black and white (part 6)
‘Tattoos in the Land of Kings’
India in black and white (part 5)
“Just me, my cameras, three generations…and the dog”
India in black and white (part 4)
‘Just me, my cameras and a train..’
India in black and white (part 3)
‘Just me, my cameras and a landscape…’
India in black and white (part 2)
‘Seeking Solitude in Rajasthan’
India in black and white (part 1)
‘Shooting things that matter…’ (Woman & Machine Pt. 9)
Midlands Air Ambulance 2013
‘Saving Lives by Saving Time’ (Man & machine pt. 8)
Midlands Air Ambulance 2013
‘Should it take a pandemic to recognize our vital key workers?’
(Man & machine pt. 7)
Midland Air Ambulance 2013
‘Grafting in Godalming’
Backbone of Britain Ford 2020 Campaign
Client: Ford UK
Agency: GTB London
Production : Locate
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Mud, Rain, Wind and Hemel Hempstead. Backbone of Britain Campaign – Ford 2020 Man and Machine Part 5 Location – Hemel Hempstead #2020 #Unseen #Photography Hemel, as it is referred to by locals, is one of those ‘new towns’ that popped up in the ’50s a mixture of old town and new, not the obvious place for a shoot but…Alex and Angus had been out scouting several sites in and around the Home Counties to find one at the right stage of building for the creative. Tech recce day arrives and Oh my days, what a mad, busy, muddy and compact building site. Location is perfect, light is great but there is building paraphernalia stacked everywhere, all in the wrong places for a shoot, however the site manager assures us that he is more than happy to ‘sort the site out’ for the shoot on the following Saturday.  Morning of the shoot – it just rained and rained, stopped for two minutes and then poured it down again. I spent most of the morning pinned up against a fence, sitting on an apple box behind camera, waiting for a weather window. Ankle deep in mud under umbrellas, resembling a Garden Gnome, all I needed was a fishing rod – water dripping off my nose. Oh the glamour of location photography… Wind, rain and mud – not a great combo for cameras, lighting and computers, but the team all mucked in and stuck at it to get the shot. Done! Thanks team! Client – Ford UK Agency – GTB London Production – Locate #Ford #BackboneOfBritain #transit #custom #van #ranger #pickup #GTB #unseen #automotive #advertising #automotivephotography #thinkdifferently #lookingforward #harniman #photographyisart #AOP #AssociationOfPhotographers #Sony #SonyAlpha

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‘Man and Machine’ (Pt. 5)
Backbone of Britain Campaign Ford 2020
Client: Ford UK
Agency: GTB London
Production: Locate
‘Backbone of Britain’ Campaign 2020
Client: Ford UK
Agency: GBT London
Production: Locate
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Farmers, Navaras, and Awards for a shed Man and Machine Part 3 Worcestershire, UK 2013 Lenses are for telling stories not photocopying #Archive #Unseen #Photography I’d cycled past this farm many times while getting some miles in my legs prepping for our JOGLE (John O’Groats to Lands End) charity cycle ride. I was intrigued by one of the old ramshackle barns for a shot that I had in mind, when the right ‘weather window’ came around. I approached the farmer to ask if I could shoot his barn. After chatting for an hour, it became apparent that this guy needed his picture taken – not that he knew it, but I did! I like to use the lens to tell a story and bring out the humanity in a subject, and in this image, I wanted to portray his life and experience. It’s all in the eyes – take a look at my Mads Mikkelsen portraits for Ford Edge Le Fantome Campaign from 2016 – man, he can act without saying a word. Next up in this Man & Machine series, a soulful series of portraits shot for Ford UK, just released. Oh yes…by the way, the black and white barn image made it into the Association of Photographers Awards – always gratifying to receive peer group and industry recognition for personal work. Happy days! Shot on Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII #Nissan #4×4 #unseen #archive #automotivephotography #35mm #thinkdifferently #lookingforward #harniman #photographyisart #artofphotography #AOP #associationofphotographers #awards #canon #Ford #Man&Machine #JOGLE #MadsMikkelsen

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‘Farmers, Navaras and awards for a shed…’
(Man & Machine – pt 3)
Worcestershire, 2013
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Everyone Needs A Hero Man and Machine Part 2 Glasgow 2015 #Archive #Unseen #Photography Heroic, dependable, always there in your hour of need whatever the conditions to come to the rescue. That was the brief from RAC – to portray the ‘Super hero’ RAC patrolmen coming to the aid of stricken motorists. An unambiguous and clear brief – you may have seen yesterday’s portrait of Billy Burrows & his Harley, on the Bonneville Salt Flats which was the key image on the creative moodboard. A man exuding a Zeus-like aura and strength. So…onto a flight to Glasgow… The Scottish weather was challenging – ‘Four seasons in one day’ to quote Crowded House – kind of handy, as we wanted to create both summer and winter executions in one shoot. ‘Interesting’ experiences – finding out that one early morning shot location was actually the favourite local dogging spot – amazing how at 4am, a car park can so rapidly empty when some lighting goes up and you pull a camera out! ‘nuff said about that! You may have seen the images in print campaigns in 2015…and supersize on the RAC HQ buildings on M6/M5. If you found yourself stuck in a traffic jam over the last five years behind a RAC patrol van, you’ve probably seen one of these images staring back at you. Client – RAC Agency – Whitespace Production – LS Scotland Shot on Sony A7RmkII and 16-35mm lens #RAC #RACheroes #heroes #superheroes #unseen #archive #automotivephotography #phaseone #thinkdifferently #lookingback #lookingforward #harniman #photographyisart #artofphotography #sonyalpha #sonyimages #sonyportraits #sonyphotography

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‘Everyone needs a Hero’ – (Man & Machine pt. 2)
Client: RAC
Agency: Whitespace
Production: Scotland
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Billy Burrows, Bonneville Speed Week Man and Machine Part 1 Salt Flats 2005 #Archive #Unseen #Photography I had been out in LA again shooting a Ford Fusion campaign with CD Jack Crifasi & JWT Detroit. After wrapping, decided to head out on a road trip with my right-hand-man of many years Jon. Destination, Speed Week Bonneville Salt Flats. This larger than life guy turns up on the salt flats, Panhead Billy. So called because of his Harley, with a face like Zeus and hands like shovels. His Panhead features a 1960 engine and transmission, ‘93 Springer front end with a disc brake and ‘48-‘53 wishbone frame. Originally from Milwaukee, ex USAF, he was riding to a friend’s party in LA. So we got talking and he spent an hour sharing his on-the-road stories with me. A real life High Plain’s Drifter, living on the road since 1976. Harley dealership to Harley dealership – visiting every single one of the 800 or so across the US. A true road warrior and nomad! All his possessions packed in around him, Billy exuded tough indomitable impermanence. As we chatted, Billy wanted to get back on the road – places to go, people to meet. Time to grab a camera. I angled Billy 45 degrees so the light was across his face to give it shape and form. The image speaks for itself. https://blog.harniman.com/pan-head-billy/ Shot on Canon EOS 1D #Bonneville #saltflats #harleydavidson #motorcycles #panhead #billyburrows #panheadbilly #unseen #archive #automotivephotography #35mm #thinkdifferently #lookingback #lookingforward #harniman #nofilter #photographyisart #artofphotography #roadtrip #ontheroad

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‘Billy the Biker’ – (Man & Machine Pt. 1)
Billy Burrows, Bonneville Speed Week
Salt Flats, 2005

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