If a Classic Car Could Take a Selfie – It Would Look Like…

If a Classic Car Could Take a Selfie – It Would Look Like…

For a few weeks now I’ve been putting the Nokia Lumia 1020 through its paces. I’ve taken some great shots (it’s too late in the year for modesty) of copters, cars and landscapes. In a couple of weeks it’ll be coming on the North Sea with me as I choose it as my portable camera for capturing the tasks we’ll have to endure.

I thought this phone camera had done it all, then I realised it had not been introduced to my huge pole (told you- too late in the year for modesty), so I decided to do something about it.

Best for a selfie!

Now the car I thought would look the best in the selfie was a 1997 3.6 Porsche 911 Carrera 993 – 2wd manual. This was the last air cooled 911 not to be confused with the water cooled 996 that followed, the two are leagues apart.

okia Lumia 1020 & camera rig

Nokia Lumia 1020 & camera rig

No Duck Faces Please

Now my rigs hold thousands of pounds worth of equipment so I wasn’t worried about the safety of the phone I was just intrigued to see the results. The Porsche behaved and didn’t pull any duck faces just sat and let us snap.

We Don’t Need Another Sepia Tint

I added a 90’s tint in homage to the era the car dominated (nearly twenty years ago) forsaking the usual Instagram sepia *enhancements* that are favoured for selfies these days.

Now usually when capturing a classic car in motion I use an incredible exposure time. I wasn’t sure the Lumia would be able to give the same shot but for once I’ll admit I was wrong.

You’ll see the results are amazing for a camera phone, in fact they’re pretty good for a camera full stop. Now back in my pocket I can’t wait to see what it does when we leave dry land in a few weeks.

Static reference image Porsche 933 in location

Static reference image Porsche 933 in location

The ultimate classic car I think we’ve more than met the challenge of the #Lumia1020Challenge of #ClassicCars, as I said, it’s too late for modesty but these pics also speak for themselves.

Duration of exposure – 4 seconds

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