I’m Either Completely Mad or the World’s Coolest Dad

I’m Either Completely Mad or the World’s Coolest Dad

I don’t have to tell you that I love cars, I love speed and I love off-roading so it’s natural that my kids would share at least a bit of their Dad’s passion.
To be fair, they couldn’t avoid it if they tried as motors are everywhere, from our drive, to reminders, to family days out.
I knew the day would come when I’d have to grow up a bit and utter those wimpy words that I’d never take heed of myself. I knew at one point one of my kids would get behind the wheel and I’d be telling them to be careful.
What I didn’t know was how soon it would come, I thought I had another few years left yet but when my oldest daughter turned 13 we saw the perfect gift.

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque on the Start Off-Road Driving Experience

She’s no stranger to vehicles, from quads to motorbikes she’s been involved all her life, but she’s never been in control of a car before. The new experience allows 11-17 year olds a chance to drive for the first time, it’s a great gift but a bit strange all the same.
So we took our teenager to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire for the Start Off-Road experience. The only girl there, she took to the wheel of a rather smart Range Rover Evoque like a duck to water. They put the kids in a convoy with a pretty good gap between each one and then let ‘em rip through forests, tracks and throughout the grounds.

Off Road Driving Experience

The Evoques line up for the forest off-roading section

The full experience lasted an hour and she loved every minute. It helped that her instructor had the patience of a saint.
Teaching those of age how to drive must be frustrating enough but eleven year olds? It really is a great experience for kids today. When I was that age we’d think nothing of driving or playing about on private land in a car but laws have changed a lot since then. This is a safe, legal way to let the kids experience the freedom we had growing up and makes a great present.
I was impressed with how well she handled the Land Rover and how quickly she picked up the basics, but I’m locking the garage and not letting her loose in anything faster than a milk float for a few years yet!

Here is a short video giving a flavour of the experience…

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