Gone in 178 seconds…film #MadeLikeAGun

Gone in 178 seconds…film #MadeLikeAGun

The Royal Enfield ‘Pegasus’ limited edition motorcycles went on sale this week…and were gone in 178 seconds! It was an amazing project to be involved with especially for someone like me whose first love at 16 was motorbikes prior to getting into cars. Great to be involved in such a unique backstory meeting WW2 veterans, Paras, Red Devils, historians and the teams involved with the concept behind the new bike.

Here is our film which was part of the launch – enjoy….

You may have seen an earlier post here of the stills element to the ‘Pegasus’ project – we created a whole series for the global launch- hero bike shots, portraits, lifestyle/apparel imagery and social content to showcase the new Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus Edition.
The limited edition bikes feature the ‘Pegasus’ insignia, custom paint colours and are stencilled with their unique serial numbers in an homage to ‘Flyimg Flea’ motorcycles dropped into battle during World war Two.

Gone in 178 seconds Harniman Royal Enfield

Gone in 178 seconds

A couple of storyboard frames Harniman Royal Enfield

A couple of storyboard frames

A couple of storyboard frames Harniman Royal Enfield

If you would like to see & read more on the backstory go to…



And as always – a massive thanks to everyone involved on the stills and film, too numerous to mention –
the guys of the Royal Enfield UK & India team, the riders, stills crew, film crew, editors, production team back at base….looking forward to working with you all again 🙂 #MadeLikeAGun #Royal Enfield #Pegasus

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