Ferraris at Fifty

Ferraris at Fifty

Unless you have been living under a stone or are not into photography or cars (then how did you get here??) you will know that it was Festival of Speed at Goodwood last weekend.

Five championship F1 Ferraris that were driven by Michael Schumacher were brought together in the Assembly Area at Goodwood for us to create this iconic image in celebration of his 50th birthday year.
For the first time ever, the cars in which Michael Schumacher claimed his all-time record of seven Formula 1 drivers’ world championship titles were gathered together at this year’s #FOS.
Surely this kind of amazing collection should have a title – a ‘frenzy of Ferraris’ or such like?

It really was an incredible sight….as always, huge thanks to everyone involved, the great Scuderia pit crew, Goodwood guys & the photographic team….looking forward to working with you all again very soon 🙂

For the real petrolheads, this is the lowdown on the cars…
Clockwise from front:
Ferrari F2004 – The Ferrari era of dominance ended with its most awe-inspiring season; the team pulling out all the stops to create the ultimate car of the V10 era and giving Schumacher 13 wins from 18 starts.

Ferrari F2003-GA – The prancing horse stumbled in 2003, its performance advantage over Williams-BMW reversed and McLaren’s rising star Kimi Räikkönen driving beautifully – but Ferrari’s teamwork and Schumacher’s peerless racecraft prevailed.

Ferrari F2001 – Ferrari and Schumacher took their domination up a notch in 2001, with the German scoring more points than McLaren’s David Coulthard (second) and team-mate Rubens Barrichello (third) combined.

Ferrari F399 was the car with which the Ferrari team competed in the 1999 Formula One season. Ferrari won their ninth Constructors’ title, and their first since the 1983 season, paving the way for the Michael Schumacher era of Ferrari dominance beginning in 2000

Ferrari 248 The 248 was driven in 2006 by Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa. The 248 was
generally not as fast as the Renault R26 in the first half of the season and suffered from engine reliability issues throughout the season. Despite that, the 248 won 9 races and took 7 pole positions, and finished in second place in both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championships.

Ferrari F2002 – This car redefined Formula 1 design with its unique low line aerodynamics, seamless transmission and on-the-limit packaging brought Ferrari 15 wins (of which 10 were 1-2 finishes) from 17 races.

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