Mads Mikkelsen…Le Fantôme & The Edge

Mads Mikkelsen…Le Fantôme & The Edge

A few weeks ago, we were on location with Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Le Fantôme,  the new short film for the Ford Edge, shot in Croatia.

Le Fantome Ford Edge Film Poster
Le Fantome Ford Edge Film Poster – a bit of greenscreen shooting  and some lightpainting…
Le Fantome Ford Edge Mads Mikkelsen prepare the poison dart
Le Fantome prepares the poison dart
Mads Mikkelsen Le Fantome Ford Edge
…then waits at his easel to strike
Mads Mikkelsen and the poison dart gun - Ford Edge La Fantome
then takes aim…

When I say ‘short film’, it is an 8 minute long story – quite unique in car advertising terms – featuring the StarWars/ Marvel/ James Bond Scandi-Baddie Mads Mikkelsen.  Co-starring US Horror movie legend Barbara Steele as assassin ‘The Widow’, and Harry Potter Death Eater Jon Campling as ‘The KingPin’.

Le Fantôme storyline is based around Mikkelsen hunting down a couple who have been given new identities under a witness protection scheme & finding them driving a distinctive Ford Edge SUV. The film was created for Ford by London agency GTB and directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley Scott)…Anyway, no story spoilers – check it out here – it is well worth watching!

Ford Edge: Le Fantôme from GTB London on Vimeo.

I’ve shot in many countries, but never before in Croatia – it has some great locations from castles (used in Game of Thrones), to winding mountain roads & haunting seascapes. Definitely on my ‘return to’ list. Mads Mikkelsen was great to work with – a true professional as you would expect from an actor of his calibre, as were the A-Teams of GTB, RSA and local production.

Here are a few of the shoot selects – enjoy…

Le Fantome Ford Edge Jon Campling as The Kingpin
Jon Campling as The Kingpin
Barbara Steele as The Widow - Ford Edge La Fantome
Barbara Steele as The Widow 
Mads Mikkelsen Le Fantome for Ford Edge
Mads Mikkelsen Le Fantome for Ford Edge
Mads Mikkelsen on Instagram @theofficialmads
Mads Mikkelsen on Instagram @theofficialmads

Le Fantôme cast list –
Mads Mikkelsen – Le Fantôme
Barbara Steele – The Widow
Jon Campling – The Kingpin
James Brown – Husband
Karin Perathoner – Wife
Zarco Radic – Witness Relocation Agent

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