Does Life Look Better with a Squint?

Does Life Look Better with a Squint?

I’ve been a fan of the Squint Showcase for some time now however it does conjure up strange images for me.

Marrying squinting with photography makes me think of parents on Christmas Day as they try to decipher the 3D dolphin picture from a Magic Eye Book. Maybe I digress as this trend was a few decades ago now and it has no relevance to the Squint Showcase at all!!

What’s in a Squint?

In fact Squint Showcase is an online gallery that connects artists to agencies. If you have a browse you’ll see examples of photography, illustration, sculpture and mixed media all curated by Janet, Karen and Katie.

That’s why last month I was over the moon to be asked to exhibit in the first offline exhibition held at JWT London, which opened a few weeks back. The two images I picked for this trip out of my bat cave are…

Billy Burrows on his Harley – there’s never a time when a Harley isn’t relevant regardless of the location, TOV or exhibition! Also the South African landscape shot for Mercedes Benz.

Dry Lake, South Africa

Dry Lake, South Africa

They both involve my love of landscapes, not the green grassy hills as you would expect, but the stark dry ground that meets a vivid blue sky. Real landscapes that are often overlooked yet capture nature at its most fierce and breath-taking. You can see them for the next couple of weeks where they’ll be part of the exhibition set up by London art buyers Janet Saville and Karen Featonby.

Mehta’s Magic Mushrooms

On the day of the opening we accepted the drinks and nibbles and mingled with an impressive artistic crowd. We met Janet along with fellow photographer Roy Mehta. The detail in his images leaves nothing to the imagination and makes you see every day natural objects in a whole new way. Perhaps it’s the mushroom!

Photographer - Roy Mehta

Photographer – Roy Mehta

It’d be great if you popped over to the next one and show your support or take a trip around the online site – no squinting required. We’re already looking forward to the next one at a London agency before Christmas… keep your eyes wide open for news.



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