Featured Interview in Photography Masterclass Magazine

Featured Interview in Photography Masterclass Magazine

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Photography Masterclass ipad app

Photography Masterclass ipad app

Jaguar XF and Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar XF and Jaguar F-Type


Short Bio:

Nigel Harniman has a long established career as an advertising stills photographer shooting globally for worldwide major brands and agencies for the last 20 years.

International manufacturers have called on Harniman for acclaimed new worldwide model launch images – the Continental GT launch for Bentley, the XF launch for Jaguar, Chrysler 300 in USA and subsequently Europe to name a few. This naturally developed into the CGI route of image production in both stills and animation and as the creative force behind Air-CGI.

Photographic Speciality/Style:

Automotive (location, studio & CGI), along with landscapes & people/lifestyle.
I’m a specialist in great car location images and moving shots (both rig and virtual)

I’ve always tried to develop into new areas, for example rig photography for moving images and was at the forefront of using CGI for automotive imagery. I produced one of the 1st CGI images which Ford USA had commissioned back in 2006 to launch the new Edge model for JWT/ Team Detroit across USA.

Long-term Photographic Ambition:

To continue to develop as a photographer, looking at new techniques and new ways of doing things, and to keep fresh & interesting.

Cadillac STS, Mars Ice Cream, Car Rig Photography

Cadillac STS, Mars Ice Cream, Car Rig Photography

How did your love of Photography start?

I really can’t remember when wheeled objects with or without engines weren’t part of my life. As a kid I spent all my spare time tinkering with engines, pulling things apart and putting them back together, not always successfully! My first taste of life on the road was in an old hearse travelling around Europe. I’ve loved to travel ever since – good news for a location photographer!

When I was 16, I badgered the parents for a motorbike for my birthday, instead they bought me a camera. At the time I was gutted, but as it turned out the present became my vocation. And I’ve never looked back. I loved it, used it all the time, and went on to study photography at college.

On leaving college, I went to London to assist many of the major names in advertising photography for a couple of years, then started to go freelance with own clients, gradually getting representation in UK, Europe and the USA.

I’m fortunate enough to have made my passion my trade and to spend my time shooting locations as diverse as Barbuda to Billericay, Rio to Reading.

Bentley GT Continental

Bentley GT Continental

MG3 Launch Images

MG3 Launch Images

Where does your photographic inspiration come from?

My love of creating an image, coupled with loving cars, motorbikes and shooting landscapes. I love creating shape and form with light.

What would consider to be your greatest achievement (or achievements) in your photography to date?

Being able to work with some great Creative Directors on the top global automotive brands.

What’s your favourite photo that you’ve ever taken & why?

The Bentley Continental GT profile moving through a forest. I just like the simplicity and graphic nature of it and the contrast of a man-made object in a natural environment. It was one of the launch images for the new model and was an important shoot for the client as it was their first new model in years. It was good to be part of a successful launch.

What’s inside your kit bag?

Hasselblad H2 bodies, Phase One back, Alpa Field Camera & Schneider lenses. Canon 35mm, and several lenses for each variant.

Which piece of kit couldn’t you do without?

My compass!

What words of advice would you give to beginners?

Work hard, try to be innovative, give the clients what they need and above all – use your eyes – they are your best piece of kit…and they’re free!

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