Back on the Road, Further North I Go

Back on the Road, Further North I Go

I must have got a taste for the wet and the cold on the North Sea as no sooner had my sea legs got used to dry land, was I off again a few days before Christmas.
This time I decided to treat myself, by staying firmly on the ground. It didn’t stop me getting wet though. The journey was for a client, again using their products in real life situations and I just happened to go when it was as real as it could get.
Travelling to Scotland with my trusty sidekick (assistant) I put my own equipment through its paces. Wind, snow, hail, you name it met us when we were ready to shoot.


Enjoying the bracing Highland Weather!

Don’t Give Me a White Christmas

Dreaming of log fires, hot toddies and the scrumpy we made over summer, I bit the bullet and soon discovered there was quite a bit to catch on camera. The Nokia Lumia 1020 had also come along for the ride and in such challenging weather it was again put to the test.
You’ll see we had a bit of a play with the features and it captured the weather, from the heavy dark skies to the icy cold blue seeping through.


Having a play with the Nokia Lumia 1020 in between shots

Despite the cold it was quite an adventure and gave us some time to capture barren landscapes, along with those that mix modern technology with Braveheart type scenery as you can see with the wind farm.
I’ll bring you the hero images as they’re released but for now here are a few Behind The Scenes. Thank god we weren’t cycling in that weather, I really would have had something to moan about!
All thawed out, I was seriously considering hiding out until spring or just sending my sidekick on these “real” excursions instead, but yet another shoot in similar conditions came up (more of that next time). That being said, as I flick through the snaps, I’m really glad I went – amazing place, along with a great team of people.


One of the dramatic Scottish shoot locations

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