#76MM beats the ‘Beast from the East’

#76MM beats the ‘Beast from the East’

Last weekend the ‘Beast from the East’ was roaming with full force at Goodwood Members Meeting #76MM …but what a great weekend it was as always!

We took time out for some light painting on Friday evening before the crowds arrived, catching the sunset prior to the downfall of snow on Saturday. This year’s light painting image features our arrangement featuring the iconic Porsche 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’. For more insight go to GRRC.

The snow made for some interesting driving, however Mr Coulthard remained as calm as ever and Jochen Mass relished the slippery conditions on track…

DC – the strongest jawline in motor racing

Jochen Mass relishing the prospect of some snow on track

David Coulthard IWC Mercedes-Benz

Goodwood 76MM Harniman

Jaguar D-Type

Porsche 356 braves the elements

The only negative to an otherwise great weekend was the tragic loss of  journalist, commentator and good egg Henry Hope-Frost during the previous week – he was greatly missed by all, though his presence was felt in the form of #fever stickers on the drivers helmets & cars.
He was a top chap & wrote a very generous article on one of my Revival shoots – Greatest Revival Image ?

#Fever … a tribute to Henry Hope-Frost

If you fancy joining in the fun at the next Members Meeting – check out the GRRC site where you can sign up for alerts for #77MM

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And here are a few more from the weekend…enjoy!

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